Bridges and cisterns that hydrated the empire.


Nicholas Lewis


Bodies of water.

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Segovia Aqueduct
Angle shot of a Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain.

Sketch of an Aqueduct Siphon
A rough drawing of a siphon, an important piece of architecture in making aqueducts function.

Valens Aqueduct Cistern
Shot of the cisterns that serviced the Valens Aqueduct.

Valens Aqueduct
Front shot of the Valens Aqueduct with traffic running underneath.

Caesarea Aqueduct
Front facing shot of the aqueduct in Caesarea, Israel.

Pont du Gard Aqueduct
Sideline photograph of the Pont du Gard, one of the oldest remaining aqueducts from the Roman period.

San Lazaro Aqueduct
A photograph of the San Lazaro Aqueduct with a playground nearby.
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