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Reuse of Amphitheatres at Sabratha and Lepcis Magna as Domestic Spaces
These diagrams depict the subdivision of amphitheatres in the North African cities of Sabratha (top) and Lepcis Magna (bottom) into domiciles for their subsequent reoccupation. In both cases, these changes were probably prompted by local…

Female Athletic Competition Mosaic at Villa de Casale
This mosaic, built over an older geometric mosaic, depicts a female athletic competition. This scene reflects on the villa's owner as sponsor of these games and hence as an influential member of the Roman civic elite.

Map of Known Villas in the Roman World, c. 400 CE
This map shows the villas, archaeologically attested thus far, across the late antique Roman world around 400 CE.

Close-Up of "Great Hunt" Mosaic Showing the Capture of A Tiger
Also in the "Great Hunt" mosaic, this close-up shows a very peculiar form of capturing Indian tigers for use in the games. The tiger, before capture, would be captivated by a glass ball. Images such as this impress upon visitors the civic role of the…

"Great Hunt" Mosaic Depiction of Owners of Villa
In a close-up of the "Great Hunt" mosaic, placed in the corridor between the rectangular peristyle and the basilica, one can see two men, probably the owners of the villa, depicted here as overseeing the capture of animals meant for the "beast…

Hercules in Dionysian Garb in Triclinium of Villa del Casale
Seen on the wall of the triclinium, or dining area, beyond the oval peristyle, this mosaic depicted the "apotheosis of Hercules" unusually shown here in Dionysian-style dress. Hercules wears a crown of ivy leaves and a panther skin. But these themes…

Palestra Floor Mosaic, Adjoining the Villa Bathhouse
This mosaic adorned the floor of the palestra, or rectangular court meant for exercise or bathing, adjoining the bathhouse of the villa. The mosaic depicted the circus races of the Circus Maximus in Rome. Even here in Sicily the patron felt the need…

Exposed Canals Under Peristyle of Villa del Casale
This photo was taken in the midst of the excavation of the central peristyle, uncovering the canal system needed to supply the courtyard's many fountains. The holes represent wells created during the early medieval Norman occupation which destroyed…

Villa del Casale (Renovation), Piazza Armerina, Sicily
This is an aerial shot of Villa del Casale taken by helicopter, now being reconstructed. One can see some of the reconstructed roof as well as the temporary plastic covering.

Plan of "Casa de los Marmoles" Domus, Emerita, Hispania (4th; 5th-6th centuries CE)
These are plans of the so-called "Casa de los Marmoles" domus in Emerita, Hispania. The trapezoidal design had to accommodate available space, although the domus was still organized around the central peristyle, or courtyard, and opened up into a…
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